Anmol is thrice as good a workman as Vinay and therefore is able to finish the job in 60 days less than Vinay.

Anmol is thrice as good a workman as Vinay and therefore is able to finish the job in 60 days less than Vinay. In how many days will they complete together?

pragya goyal @pragya
8 Jul 2017 03:47 pm

Given, if vinay takes n days to complete a job anmol will take n/3 days to complete that particular job (since he is 3 times good than vinay).
Also the time difference when the complete the job is given as 60 days. According to our assumption n-n/3 = 60. So n=90 days. That is vinay completes the work in 90 days and anmol completes it in 30 days.

Together they can do the same work  1/90+1/30 = 4/90th unit of work in 1 day (i.e., 90/4= 22.5 days needed to complete the whole work.)
Ans: 22.5 days