Is deadlock possible in bankers algorithm?

if bankers algorithm fullfills resource request of all processes and only one process is left whose requirements can't  be filled , than is that a deadlock or not?

Prashant Sharma @prashantsharma
11 Jun 2017 09:54 am


Even if only one process remains whose requirements can not be fullfilled, What does this implies ? That it'll wait for other process to release resources, which is not a safe state (meaning that there is possibility of deadlock).

It is not always the case that deadlock will take place, cause the processes holding resources might complete their execution  early, now the resouce could be given to the process having unment resource requirement.

But, while applying Banker's Algorithms we do not have any information about executtion time of various processes, therefore we can only say that a deadlock might take place.

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Gurpreet @gurpreetsandhu
11 Jun 2017 09:55 am


Gurpreet @gurpreetsandhu
11 Jun 2017 01:54 pm

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