Find the least no of students who are playing all the games.

 In a class out of 150 studs participated in various games foot ball ,basket ball, cricket are 120, 130,135 respecly and 5 stud are not playing any one of then then find the least no of studs which are are playing all the games  
a)110 b)100 c) 96

Saket Nandan @saketnandan
21 Aug 2017 09:23 pm

i m getting 95 , but why its given 96 , i m not grtting it ,  for 95 i m explaing , lets first no of student who r playing any game = 145 , 

now , no of students who are playing cricket = 135 , 

now no. of student who re not playing basket ball = 145-130=15 

it , might be case in worst case these 15 student also do not play cricket , so , no of studnets play basketball as well as cricket = 135-15=120

similarly, no of students who r not playing football = 25

it might be in worst case 25 student  also play foot ball as well as cricket aswell as basketball=120-25=95 ,