Find the Principal conjunctive normal form for the given expression.

Principal conjunctive normal form of ( p^ q)or( !p^ q) is

a) sum of products

b) product of sums

c)sum of max terms

d) product of max terms

Surya Dhanraj @suryadhanraj
20 Aug 2017 09:09 pm

But answer given was product of max terms

Gate Ranker @gateranker18
21 Aug 2017 07:19 am
i assume
^ : .
! : '
or : +

pq+p'q=(p+p').q=q which can be written in (p+q).(p'+q) this is equivalent to "product of max term" or we can say "Principal conjunctive normal form"

Surya Dhanraj @suryadhanraj
21 Aug 2017 10:13 am

I also got q but I was confused what to mark ... product of sum or product of max terms

Gate Ranker @gateranker18
21 Aug 2017 03:25 pm

its product of max term . Ans is D

check this link to further clarification of definition

shivani @shivani1234
21 Aug 2017 05:41 pm

Principal conjunctive normal form is product of sum
and given logic ( p^ q) or( !p^ q) can be wriiten as (p+p').(q+q) which is in Principal conjunctive normal form

Gate Ranker @gateranker18
22 Aug 2017 11:29 am

shivani1234  your both comment contradict to each other