gate prepration 2018

i completed 6 subject till now . (ds &c , daa,toc,cd,os,rdbms ) and 5 subject are remaining (co, dcld ,cn ,discrete mathematics)but till now i am not doing privous year gate question of these subject .. 


what will be the right dicision for me . doing remaing subject first or doing privous year gate question


i am confused what to do .


** can you please suggest me . some important topic of remaining subject like (co, dcld ,cn ,discrete mathematics ) which are more scoring. gate mostly ask from those topics .

Sumit Verma @sumitkgp
19 Nov 2017 12:44 am

Digital Logic:
1 day, Gates and Minimization.
1 day, Number System
1 day, Combinational Circuits
1 day, Sequential Circuits
So you can cover Digital in 4+1days. (It's very easy so do this 1st)

Discrete Maths: 
2 days proposition logic + First order logic
(You can skip other parts and cover them later)


1st cover IP addresing part. (Most important)
Cover reamining parts as time permits.


P.S - It's my personal suggestions. You can make your own schedule better.