generating function for sequence of fibonacci numbers

what is the generating function G(z) for the sequence of fibonacci numbers?

prove it?

and also suggest how can we generate G(z) for any no.??

Ranita Biswas @ranita
25 Sep 2015 09:00 pm

This document is worth going through if you want to know how to get generating function for any given series. You will also get the detailed explanation on getting the G(z) for Fibonacci series here.

Sukannya @sukannyapurkaya
15 Dec 2017 05:29 pm

The link says page not found, could you please refer some other resource, @ranita Ma'am??

Ranita Biswas @ranita
15 Dec 2017 07:51 pm

Here you go:

Possibly this is the same note.

Sukannya @sukannyapurkaya
15 Dec 2017 10:19 pm

Thank u, @ranita ma'am...!