There are so many headers in Computer Networks like TCP, UDP, IPV4, IPV6, AUTHENTICATION HEADER, ESP, and so many bit addresses for IPV6(unicast,multicast,geographical, etc).  So what are the things that should be studied ?

Lakshay Kakkar @lakshay7k
2 Jul 2018 07:43 pm
See, make sure you cover topics like IPV4, TCP and UDP fully. However, IPV6 has been recently added to the gate syllabus, and so you can observe in the past few years that very easy questions have come from it.

Just go through the basics of IPV6 - look at its header format, and clearly understand the intricacies of various fields present there. Then cover a brief part of addressing, and then take a look at the 'stateless autoconfiguration feature' which is the USP of IPv6.

As far as ESP and authentication header is concerned, only go through its high level description and don't delve deep into it unless you have time. That's enough for IPv6.