Interested variable

Process P0:-                                                                                          Process P1

while(1)                                                                                                  while(1)

{                                                                                                             {

   int[0]=True;                                                                                              int[1]=True;

   while(int[1]==True);                                                                                 while(int[0]=True);

   //CS//                                                                                                       //CS//

   int[0]=False;                                                                                            int[1]=False;

}                                                                                                              }

Initially, int[0]=int[1]=false;

Will this algorithm satisfy bounded wait? According to me it should not 

There is a chance of deadlock 

say if p0 wants to enter cs by making the intrest [0]=t and after that it got preempted .Then P1 comes for execution ,same goes for p1 intrest[1]=t and got prempted and then  again P0 got chance he checks in while loop P1 is intrested too so he got stuck . same goes for P1 ,P1 checks in while loop P0 is intrested too so p1 too got stuck resuts in the deadlock 

So if a system is in deadlock then how can we say this algorithm is ensuring bounded waiting or Progress . I think this algo violates both the Progress as well as Bounded Waiting , cause deadlock is more severer than Bounded waiting ,also hampering the progress beacuase of these deadlock none of the process is allowed to enter CS 

please See to it @pritam Sir @ranita Mam @sumit sir 

Polukanti Gouthamkrishna @polukantigou
11 Nov 2017 11:33 pm

yaaa thats why I guess peaterson came up with a solution.

ArnabMandal @arnabmandal
12 Nov 2017 08:35 pm

ya thats fine , as there is a deadlock in the system so peterson came up with its solution , But my question is does this beacause of progress and bounded waiting is ensured