parser power

if grammer is CLR(1) then it necessarily LALR(1) ? and IS  reverse   also true ? and is LR(1)  short form for CLR(1) parser ?

Neeraj Jetha @neerajjetha
3 Feb 2018 07:57 am
If your grammar is CLR(1) then it is not necessary that it is LALR(1) but if Grammar is LALR(1) then it will Definetly be CLR(1)
Gahan Saraiya @gahan
3 Feb 2018 05:20 pm
if grammer is CLR(1) then it necessarily LALR(1) ? - Not necessarily True
and IS reverse also true ? reverse is always True, every LALR(1), SLR(1) and LR(0) grammar are CLR(1).
and is LR(1) short form for CLR(1) parser ? - No it is not