Range of Floating point

Consider an 32 bit floting point representation

range in normalized form is (-1)*1.1111....111*2^-126 to (1.111....111)*2^127

range in denormalized form is (-1)*(0.111..1111)*2^-126 to (0.111....111)*2^-126

Higest positive number = 1.111...111*2^127

Least positive number = 0.000...0001*2^-126

Higest negative number is -1.111....1111*2^127

Least Negative number is -(0.000...001)*2^-126

Pritam Prasun @pritam
15 Apr 2017 09:22 pm

@Keval, Do you have a doubt here or you are sharing this important info.

KEVAL @kevalmalde
15 Apr 2017 09:32 pm

I just want to verfy that above information is correct i think there is an mistake in range but not sure about it.