TCP Timers formulae

1.RTT Deviation =RTTD=(1-RTTD) old RTTD + RTTD * | (RTTS -RTTM)|

2.RTT Deviation =RTTD=(1-RTTD) old RTTD + RTTD * | (RTTM)|

Which of the following is right formula for calculation and in what conditions ?I found both formula right in some numericals?

shivani @shivani1234
9 May 2017 06:23 pm
  • i don't what u mean by subscripts D, S, M in (RTT)
  • but general formula is :
  1. NRTT=a*IRTT+(1-a)*ARTT//In jacobson's timer.
  2. ND=a*ID+(1-a)*AD//in karn's timer

here , IRTT is initial RTT(round trip time), ARTT is actual RTT,NRTT is normal RTT

ID is initial deviation, ND is normal dev. , AD is actual dev.