Got a YouTube audience? Now turn it into a strong & engaged community

Illustration of engaging community

Give a higher level engagement opportunity for your YouTube learners and bring them closer to your content

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Know your audience, Engage over DMs, posts, comments, emails, Convert learners for paid subscriptions, Acquire more subscribers on YouTube

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Only comments, No access to audience/subscribers, No engagement, No conversion

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Stay closely connected with your audience

While you teach and spread knowledge on YouTube, use Edredo to have real-time conversations with your fellow scholars and teachers that invoke intellectual curiosity and deliberations.

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Engage and identify hot leads to convert

Identify and target your audience based on their course completion status. Edredo’s analytics allow you to directly message your most engaged subscribers and convert them to leads.

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Run premium and free courses

While your YouTube courses will always remain free, the community that you build over your Edredo will not only consume the free courses but you can deliver hassle free premium content as well.

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Access to your audience data

On YouTube your subscribers are just a number, but on Edredo you put a face to your audience data. Know your members, their needs and goals to formulate a better online teaching strategy.

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Dedicated Account Manager

Get a dedicated account manager to handle your account on Edredo. Generate professional marketing ideas that help you engage your audience, build a community and boost your revenue.

Want to keep in constant touch with your audience? Join Edredo to engage, identify and convert your users into subscribers.